Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown Quartzite, Marble, Granite and Dolomite

Origin: India

Fantasy Brown Quartzite also known as: Fantasy Brown Marble, Fantasy Brown Granite, Canyon Dawn Granite, Canyon Dawn Marble and Canyon Dawn Quartzite. Some other names are Mascavo, Brown Fantasy and Terra Bianca.

At Worldwide Granite and Marble of Cleveland, we have completed many projects with Fantasy Brown Quartzite, but is it really a quartzite? No. Scientifically the stone is mostly a dolomite or a dolomitic marble because it's a hard marble, or a marble that went through the dolomitization process.

Natural stones have scientific names based on the way they were formed. This usually tells the buyer whether or not it will be hard, porous and how easy it will be to maintain, or how frequently it should be re-sealed. Granite is so strong because it is igneous rock, or rock having solidified from lava or magma. Marble is a metamorphic form of limestone, or rock that has been transformed by heat and pressure. Similarly, quartzite is a metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone and has transformed through heat and pressure. 

Fantasy Brown, technically a hard marble, has many qualities of a granite: the hardness and ease of maintenance, which is why it's classified as Fantasy Brown Granite and Canyon Dawn Granite by many granite suppliers and stone fabricators.  Fantasy Brown also has the beauty of a marble, but it's significantly harder than a traditional marble.  Many suppliers refer to the stone as a quartzite because like a quartzite, Fantasy Brown Marble is a kind of limestone altered under heat and pressure over time.  


Fantasy Brown Quartzite

At Worldwide Granite of Cleveland, we'll typically classify the Fantasy Brown stone as a quartzite because it shares the strength and ease of maintenance of a quartzite, which is usually how our customers choose their stones. However, as stone fabricators, or stone finishers, we are the stone experts and rest-assured, we do know that it is technically a marble (scientifically).

As you can see in our gallery, Fantasy Brown Quartzite looks amazing with bright white cabinetry, grayish/green cabinets, black cabinets and even dark wood and warm white or cream. With a primary color of  soft white and a grayish brown, the stone has varying levels of accent colors including what some call an apricot, pink or terra-cotta, with cream and sometimes a greenish tone of gray.

Fantasy Brown: Looks Like Marble and Acts Like Granite

The stone experts at Worldwide Granite & Marble can help you choose a slab of Fantasy Brown to fit your needs.  As can be expected every slab of Fantasy Brown Quartzite vary tremendously and, because of the way it was formed, the stone is known to have fissures, or visible separations along intercrystallite boundaries.  Selecting a slab based on the area you are covering will require knowing how to work around pits, fissures and watermarks - something a stone fabricator, like Worldwide Granite & Marble, specialize in.

Fast Stone Fabricators of Cleveland: 10-Day Cleveland Countertops

Each slab of any natural stone, whether it's marble, granite, or quartzite is unique in design, color combination and overall aesthetics which makes it important to visit your slab and personally choose which slab works best for your project. Contact us for availability, directions to choose your slab and next steps for us to fabricate and install your custom granite, marble or quartzite surface. When you choose Worldwide Granite and Marble of Cleveland as your custom stone fabricator, you get a local, family-run business with our personal attention and top of the line tooling for precision cutting and expert installation. Unlike the bigger stone fabricators, our turn-time is only ten days from measuring for a template to installing your granite, marble or quartzite in your business or home.


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