Andromeda White Granite

Origin: Andromeda White granite is quarried near NE Colombo in Sri Lanka

Known as Other Names: It also called Andromeda Granite, Andromeda White Granite, White Andromeda Granite, Bianco Andromeda Granite, White Lanka Granite, Lanka White Granite, Andromeda Granite, Crystal Lanka Granite.

As with all granites it is extremely resistant to scratches and heat which makes this natural stone surface ideal for countertops, bar tops, bathroom vanities, hotel reception desk, backsplash, stairs, shelves, windowsills, interior wall and flooring - as well as outdoor kitchens, fountains and other exterior applications.

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, so it is ideal for withstanding the activities in the kitchen. Worldwide Granite and Marble always ensures a proper seal so that your granite will be resistant to stains, cutting, heat and scraping. As a result, you can have peace of mind your white granite countertops will maintain their appearance for many years.

What Colors Are In Andromeda White Granite?

Each slab of granite is uniquely different. Some slabs of Andromeda White have more white while others contain more grayish swirls. Some slabs have a lot of garnet speckles while others have very little. When you work with Worldwide Granite and Marble of Cleveland we have you look at all the slabs available from our local suppliers and choose the specific slab for your project. Then our team retrieves your slab and applies the template created from our measurements.

Andromeda White Granite Recommended For:

In general, granite is recommended by construction and design professionals for a huge variety of projects. Known as one of the strongest surfaces - its non-porous characteristic makes it naturally resistant to stains and its hardness making it resistant to scratches and heat. Granite is ideal for both residential and commercial projects including hotel bar tops, reception desks, staircases, table tops, wall cladding, wet rooms, saunas and the residential kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, backsplash, fireplace surrounds, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor projects.  Andromeda White granite can be finished in a variety of ways including polished, honed and leathered.

Colors in Andromeda White Granite:

As with all natural stones the color combination varies tremendously. Andromeda White granite has a base of a more pearly white than Alaskan White granite - which is more of a frosty white. Andromeda White has light gray to greenish swirls with burgundy-colored dots of garnet.  Once you have chosen your Andromeda White granite slab we apply the template (created with our specific measurements of your space) and the surface will be cut with precision and can be fabricated with a polished, leathered or honed finish.

Your Granite Fabricators of Cleveland: 10-Day Turn Time

Each granite slab, or any natural stone, is unique in design, color combination and overall esthetic which makes it critical to visit your slab and personally choose which granite slice works best for your project. Contact us for availability, directions to choose your slab and next steps for us to fabricate and install your custom granite surface. Choose Worldwide Granite and Marble as your custom granite fabricator. With Worldwide Granite you get a local, family-run business, our personal attention, top of the line tooling for precision cutting and expert installation. Our turn-time is under 2 weeks from measuring for a template to installing in your business or home.


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