Worldwide Granite recently finished these quartzite countertops in Cleveland. This installation was for a kitchen island in a Cleveland home. The home owners prefer more of an industrial minimalist or industrial chic design and this Black Fantasy Leather quartzite was perfect.  Unlike the popular quartz, an engineered surface for countertops, quartzite is a natural stone, mined from quarries, like marble or granite.  The benefit of a natural stone is the inconsistencies, like you would find in nature, of design, colors and patterns. Quartzite is a hard surface for countertops and kitchen islands, just like granite, but still easy to maintain. 

When it comes to choosing the finish on your granite, quartzite or other natural stone, depending on the stone, we can finish your surface to be polished (shiny), honed (matte) or leathered/antiqued/brushed (textured matte).  Each decision has its pros and cons when it comes to look, style, durability and maintenance, so consult with us at Worldwide Granite to make sure your selection is ideal for the project you have in mind.

Contact Worldwide Granite and Marble to learn more about the thousands of options for your kitchen island - granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, soapstone, porcelain and all the finishing options. What we have on our website is only a very small sampling of all the surface options available and with pricing, availability and trends changing regularly, it's easiest to call or fill out our free estimate form and tell us about your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Black Fantasy Leather quartzite kitchen island we installed, with waterfall edges, in Cleveland. Hover over the slideshow to make it stop and click on the image for a larger picture. Double click for a closer look.


From Brazil, Black Fantasy Leather quartzite is a beautiful blend of black with varying waves of metallic grays, white and gold/brown. Each slab is unique in the patterns and movement displayed in this beautiful natural stone. 

For those that prefer the look of marble countertops and surfaces, for its long "waves" and veins - reminiscent of ripples in a river or ocean, but prefer the strength of a granite countertop, quartzite can be a great choice.  Quartzite is a natural stone, unlike the engineered quartz, that looks like a marble but with the durability and lower maintenance of a granite.

Contact Worldwide Granite in Cleveland for a free quote and consultation on your next project. As local stone fabricators we help you choose the best stone for your surface, whether it's for a wall covering, backsplash, countertop, island, bar top, shelves, fireplace or other application we are experts in what type of stone will be best for your needs. We then measure the area, template the project, help you purchase the stone from a local supplier, we transport your selection to our Cleveland shop where we finish the stone to your dimensions (stone fabrication) and then we install it for a flawless finish.   By starting your project with us, working direct with the stone fabricator, you save money and get expert advice.

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Double Waterfall Quartzite Countertops in Cleveland
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