Calacatta quartz is a white quartz that is manufactured to look like Calacatta marble, a rare marble found only in Carrara, Italy. Calacatta marble is typically going to cost between $100 and $250 per square feet for the unfinished slab of marble, before a stone fabricator like Worldwide Granite finishes and installs the marble to the buyers specifications. 

The cost, softness and high maintenance of marble has created a perfect opportunity for manufacturers of quartz, an engineered stone, to create quartz surfaces that are less expensive and much easier to maintain but look like marble. Enter the many varieties of Calacatta quartz. 

Calacatta Quartz Countertop Installation

Calacatta Quartz comes in many options. Here are a few examples of quartz countertop installations we've recently done of Calacatta Quartz in the Cleveland area. Calacatta Lagoon® Quartz in Rocky River, Calacatta Miraggio® Quartz in Westlake and Calacatta Classique® in Lakewood. Hover over the slideshow to make it stop and click on the image for a larger picture. Double click for a closer look. 

Calacatta Sierra Quartz Countertops in Lakewood

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White quartz countertops, Calacatta Sierra Quartz by MSI, with white cabinets and a island with waterfall finish.

White Quartz Countertops: Who Do I Call First?

Let's say you're renovating your kitchen or bath and will need new cabinets, island, vanity and of course, countertops, wouldn't you just call the cabinet company first?  No! Would you call the quartz supplier first? No. Call the stone fabricator first - us, and here's why.

The cabinet company does not provide stone fabrication and instead, they act as the general contractor, will have a company like Worldwide Granite measure, cut, finish and install the countertop while charging a mark-up for managing the project.  When you consult with Worldwide Granite first, before you choose your cabinets or surface, we can guide you on your surface selection, recommend a cabinet company and quartz surface supplier and you save money!  The quartz supplier, like the Mont Surfaces, UGM Surfaces and MSI Surfaces will not let you tour the slabs of surfaces unless you're working with a designer, contractor or fabricator (as stated on their website). At Worldwide Granite we are a fabricator, so starting your white quartz countertop journey with us will ensure you pay less and get the direction and access you need. 

Contact Worldwide Granite and Marble to learn more about the thousands of options for your white quartz kitchen countertops. What we have on our website is only a small sampling of all the quartz options available and with pricing, availability and trends changing regularly, it's easiest to call or fill out our free estimate form and tell us about your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

White Quartz Countertops with White Cabinets in Lakewood
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