Granite Countertops for this Outdoor Grill Area

Having an outdoor kitchen is critical to being part of the fun if you entertain a lot or have a large family that's spends a lot of time outdoors in the deck or pool area. Who wants to be indoors cooking and preparing food while everyone else is outdoors? By giving the grill, grills and/or smoker a magnificent outdoor kitchen space, equipped with water hook-up, oven and refrigerator, you and your guests can enjoy the outside activities while feeding the group.  

Granite makes one of the best surfaces for an outdoor area. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen countertop, a bar top or any other outdoor shelving and surface area. This poolside outdoor grill area in Avon is now equipped with a beautiful black pearl granite countertop since the professional countertop installation by Worldwide Granite and Marble of Cleveland. 

Outdoor Granite Countertop Installation in Avon

This homeowner chose a slab of black pearl granite for Worldwide Granite to measure, cut, finish and install in their beautiful poolside outdoor grill area in Avon, Ohio. Hover over the image and double click for a closer look. 

Black Pearl Granite Countertops Installation

An outdoor kitchen area is much more likely to be put together, designed and pieced together, by the home owner, rather than a builder or remodeler. With your interior spaces, most homeowners will call a bathroom or kitchen remodeler and the remodeler acts as the general contractor for the job, sourcing out the cabinets to someone they're used to working with, calling a stone fabricator (like Worldwide Granite and Marble) the flooring, the painter, and so on. 

In the case the home owner wants to manage the project themselves, they'll usually start with the cabinet company.  They don't realize the cabinet company is also acting as a general contractor and subbing out the countertops to a stone fabricator like Worldwide Granite and Marble (for which they are being charged an extra fee).  The cabinet company does not sell slabs of natural and engineered stone and they don't have the expertise and equipment to install the countertop if it's made from natural or engineered stone.  The cabinet companies show you the samples and then they call us, or another stone fabricator, to measure the area. We get the slab from a local quartz, granite, marble and surface supplier (like a Mont Surfaces in Solon, MSI Surfaces in Valley View, or UGM Surfaces in Oakwood Village), we measure your area with some high-tech 3D imaging and then we feed it into our CNC machine to get your surface to fit the perfect specifications for the countertop, vanity or other project.  

With projects like this outdoor kitchen, the customer called us directly for the granite countertop and benefits from our free consultation and guidance for choosing the perfect surface - whether it's granite, quartzite or quartz.  They also saved money by working with the stone fabricator directly. 

If you want to save money and benefit from our expertise at the planning stages of your project, contact Worldwide Granite and Marble to learn more about the thousands of options for your outdoor kitchen countertops. What we have on our website is a very small sampling of all the granite, quartzite and quartz options available.  Plus, with pricing, availability and trends changing regularly, it's easiest to call or fill out our free estimate form and tell us about your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Granite Countertop Installation in Avon for Outdoor Kitchen
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